Technical exchange in Anhui Provincial Medical Design Institute

Apr 02, 2024
  He Ming from Jinli SPD held a technical exchange meeting at Anhui Medical Design Institute, promote technical cooperation and exchange between Jinli and the Pharmaceutical Design Institute, and jointly explore the application and development of electrical technology in the pharmaceutical field.
  He Ming, as a representative of Jinli, introduced our electrical technology strength and the research and development of related products to the attendees. He explained in detail the technological advantages of Jinli in power transmission, system automation, and energy management, and emphasized the potential application of these technologies in the pharmaceutical field.
  The attendees came from the technical team of Anhui Medical Design Institute, who expressed strong interest in Jinli‘s’ technology and had in-depth technical exchanges and discussions with He Ming. Both parties discussed the design, distribution scheme, safety performance and other issues of the electrical system, and jointly explored how to combine Jinli 's technology with specific projects of the Medical Design Institute to improve the electrical equipment efficiency and safety of medical facilities.

  This technical exchange meeting has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between Jinli and Anhui Medical Design Institute, and provided valuable experience and opportunities for future technical cooperation and exchange between both parties. Through such a communication platform, Jinli can better understand the needs of pharmaceutical design institutes, and carry out technological innovation and optimization according to their needs, providing safer and more reliable electrical solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

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