Jinli AC surge protective device is used in AC power supply system (50/60Hz), such as TT, TN, IT, power supply system of network communication equipment (WIFI, 4G and 5G), and factory low-voltage power  control system to protect from lightning striker and transient over-voltage. Uc of Jinli AC SPD: 175V, 275V, 350V, 385V, 440V, 485V and 750V, including type 1+2 ac spd, type 2 ac spd.

For type 1+2 SPD, we have Iimp=15kA, Iimp=25kA, Iimp=12.5kA.

For type 2 spd, we have In=10kA, In-=20kA, In=40kA, In=60kA

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