• School Enterprise Cooperation: Anhui Polytechnic University and Jinli
    May 13, 2024 School Enterprise Cooperation: Anhui Polytechnic University and Jinli
    School Enterprise Cooperation: Anhui Polytechnic Universityand Jinli On May 9th, Professor Xu Dong (academic and technical leader of Anhui Province) from the School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering of AHPUcameto Anhui Jinli Electric Tech.Co., Ltd. to explore the deep cooperation of school enterprise integration, in order to deepen the cooperation between school and enterprise industry, academia and research, and promote the integration of schools and enterprises. General Manager Mr Yang of Jinli and Director of Product Department Wang Chaohao accompanied to visit theworkshopand testing centers. MrYang of Jinli gave a detailed introduction to the company's industrial positioning, production and operation situation, technological research and development capabilities, and talent demand. Professor Xu Dong fromAHPU introduced his academic research in the research and development of pressure-sensitive new technologies, precision welding, and shared relevant support policies such as industry education integration and project application. He hoped that the university and enterprises could closely integrate talent cultivation, project application, and technology research and development. During this period,Mr Wang and Professor Xu Dong conducted in-depth discussions on the existing low-temperature release welding process technology for key release points of Jinli surge protection devices, as well as 12 temperature zone reflow welding, induction welding, laser welding and other technologies, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation.
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  • Technical exchange in Anhui Provincial Medical Design Institute
    April 02, 2024 Technical exchange in Anhui Provincial Medical Design Institute
      He Ming from Jinli SPD held a technical exchange meeting at Anhui Medical Design Institute, promote technical cooperation and exchange between Jinli and the Pharmaceutical Design Institute, and jointly explore the application and development of electrical technology in the pharmaceutical field.   He Ming, as a representative of Jinli, introduced our electrical technology strength and the research and development of related products to the attendees. He explained in detail the technological advantages of Jinli in power transmission, system automation, and energy management, and emphasized the potential application of these technologies in the pharmaceutical field.   The attendees came from the technical team of Anhui Medical Design Institute, who expressed strong interest in Jinli‘s’ technology and had in-depth technical exchanges and discussions with He Ming. Both parties discussed the design, distribution scheme, safety performance and other issues of the electrical system, and jointly explored how to combine Jinli 's technology with specific projects of the Medical Design Institute to improve the electrical equipment efficiency and safety of medical facilities.   This technical exchange meeting has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between Jinli and Anhui Medical Design Institute, and provided valuable experience and opportunities for future technical cooperation and exchange between both parties. Through such a communication platform, Jinli can better understand the needs of pharmaceutical design institutes, and carry out technological innovation and optimization according to their needs, providing safer and more reliable electrical solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
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  • Jinli  assisted Chongqing Design Institute's
    March 26, 2024 Jinli assisted Chongqing Design Institute's "China Coal Science and Technology Jinghua Academy" electrical exchange and sharing learning meeting
    To strengthen the construction of professional talent echelon and establish the brand of coal science talent training, China Coal Science and Industry Group Chongqing Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. has launched an innovative talent training plan based on the "China Coal Science and Technology·Jinghua Academy" and passed the " "Teaching, sharing, practice, review, assessment, summary" and other links will help young talents grow and become talents. The eighth issue of 2024 • The 78th issue of Jinghua Academy Jingyan • Zhixin Electric - Exchange, Sharing and Learning will be held on March 14, 2024. Jinli  was invited to participate in the China Coal Science and Technology Jinghua Academy Exchange Meeting this time. In the exchange and sharing learning session, Anhui Jinli Electric shared the theme of "Lightning Protection Solutions for New Energy Systems" in the exchange section on new products and new technology applications, introducing the differences in the design of lightning protection sections of domestic and foreign photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic system power generation units The focus of side SPD selection and design, the focus of power SPD and signal SPD  selection and design, and the differences between the two, and introduced the application of Jinli Electric’s smart lightning protection system in photovoltaic power stations from the perspective of intelligent operation and maintenance of power stations. With the mission of reducing power outages for enterprises and protecting users from lightning intrusion and the vision of creating the world's best lightning protection brand as a practitioner of China's original electrical appliances, Jinli has been committed to the safety of electricity use in electrical systems, focusing on electrical Systematic lightning protection technology , lightning protection products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, new energy, railways, and other fields. Relying on the nationwide sales and technical service network, we continue to deeply explore customer needs and provide users with fast and high-quality product technology. Services to create a safe and worry-free electricity environment!
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  • Anhui Jinli Electrical Lightning Protection Encyclopedia - Comprehensive Lightning Protection for Buildings
    March 11, 2024 Anhui Jinli Electrical Lightning Protection Encyclopedia - Comprehensive Lightning Protection for Buildings
    The lightning protection device installed on the building can only protect the building from being directly damaged by lightning. It is called external lightning protection; it cannot protect the electrical equipment in the building from being damaged by lightning overvoltage or surge voltage generated by lightning induction. , it is called internal lightning protection. Schematic diagram of comprehensive lightning protection for buildings Lightning overvoltage can be generated in two ways: when lightning occurs in the distance, the transient electromagnetic field generated by the lightning induces a transient surge voltage on the power supply line or signal line, which can be conducted along the line to the electrical equipment of the building. The insulation of electrical equipment is damaged; the other is that lightning or lightning strikes near the building directly strike the building. A strong transient electromagnetic field is generated around the lightning current entering the ground, which is directly induced on the power supply lines or signal lines of the electrical equipment in the building. Produce transient overvoltage and damage the insulation of electrical equipment. The energy of this surge is much greater than that of a surge induced and conducted on a wire by a distant lightning strike into a building. After the building is equipped with an external lightning protection device, the air-termination device on the roof plays a role in guiding lightning. Although the lightning protection device can safely discharge the lightning current into the ground, protecting the building. However, the strong transient electromagnetic field generated by the lightning current caused by direct lightning strikes increases the risk that the insulation of electrical equipment in the building will be damaged by the transient overvoltage induced in power lines and signal lines. This overvoltage can also cause hazards due to impedance coupling from grounding devices along distribution lines and into adjacent buildings. As a well-known lightning protection brand in China, Anhui Jinli has been committed to the electrical safety of electrical systems and focused on lightning protection technology for electrical systems. Among them, the research and development and production of lightning arresters are at the forefront of the industry.
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  • How to choose a suitable surge protector factory?
    March 04, 2024 How to choose a suitable surge protector factory?
    With the continuous development of social science and technology, surge protectors (SPD) have become an indispensable electrical protection component in modern buildings and important facilities. So, how to choose a surge protector factory? 1. Regarding product questions: The selection of a surge protector mainly depends on the following parameters: Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc): The maximum effective AC power frequency voltage or DC voltage that is allowed to be permanently applied to the surge protector. Its value is equal to the rated voltage. Maximum impulse current (Iimp): Usually the impulse current test with 10/350us waveform is used, which belongs to the Class I classification test, which means that the SPD can withstand a maximum current impulse. Maximum discharge current (Imax): According to the 8/20us waveform test, the test belongs to the Level II classification test. The maximum discharge current that can be withstood through the action load test. Protection voltage Up: The product should be marked with protection voltage Up. Up should be less than the measurement limit voltage and at the same time less than the impulse withstand voltage value of the equipment. 2. Inspect factory strength and quality management system: Anhui Jinli's products are widely used in basic industries and emerging industries such as electric power, new energy, railways, rail transit, industrial automation, metallurgy, and chemical industry. Complete certifications, worry-free after-sales, and both production capacity and the company's internal management system are at the forefront of the industry. Production strength: The company's R&D, production, and office space covers an area of 56,000 square meters, including 400 square meters of testing area. Testing capabilities: It has all the testing capabilities required by national and international standards such as GB/T18802.11/21/31, IEC61643-11/21/31, UL1449, etc., and has passed on-site testing by UL witness laboratories in the United States and TÜV Rheinland manufacturers. Laboratory certification. Product certification: EU RoHS certification, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Tel certification, railway industry CRCC certification, EU CE certification, US UL certification, and German TÜV certification.
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  • How to protect photovoltaic power plants from lightning?
    February 26, 2024 How to protect photovoltaic power plants from lightning?
    With the widespread use of new energy in recent years, wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, etc. have gradually occupied a certain market in the energy market, effectively alleviating the energy crisis caused by the depletion of traditional energy sources. Among them, the widespread use of solar energy occupies an important position in the new energy market. Not only industrial and commercial power generation but also residential solar power generation is becoming more and more popular in the market. Therefore, lightning protection for solar energy is extremely important. The main steps for lightning protection of photovoltaic power plants are as follows: 1. According to the range, height, and installation position of the solar cell array, and by the requirements of GB50057 "Design Code for Lightning Protection of Buildings", lightning protection pins, lightning strips, lightning wires, and lightning nets should be installed to prevent direct lightning strikes. The height and number of lightning rods should be calculated according to the rolling ball method and installed in a reasonable layout. 2. Large photovoltaic power stations can be equipped with air-termination pins and towers to protect against direct lightning strikes. The air-termination pins installed in large-scale photovoltaic power stations should be at least 3m away from the edge of the photovoltaic cell module bracket. The grounding points of the down conductor for direct lightning protection and the down conductor for safety protection on the ground network should be at least 10m apart. The cross-sectional area of the lightning-receiving wire should be determined from the length and width of the photovoltaic cell module group and is generally not less than 25mm2 steel strand. 3. When photovoltaic cell modules are installed on the roof slope, lightning strips should be installed. The air-termination strap should not be connected to the aluminum alloy frame and brackets around the solar panel. The air-terminating tape should be installed with a down conductor every 18m to connect to the ground grid. 4. The aluminum alloy frames and brackets around the solar panels should be connected and connected at equal potential. According to the size of the battery module, more than two grounding wires should be installed through the steel pipe or connected to the grounding grid with a shielded wire as a safety protection ground. 5. The entry points of the down conductor for direct lightning protection and the down conductor for safety protection on the ground network should be more than 10m apart to prevent high-potential counterattacks from lightning strikes. As an innovative lightning protection enterprise in China, Jinli Electric has focused on the R&D, production, testing, and basic research of surge protectors and lightning protection-related products for 18 years since its establishment, with users as the center. Not only provide high-quality products that meet user needs but also ...
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  • The difference between a backup protector and a surge protector
    February 18, 2024 The difference between a backup protector and a surge protector
    As a well-known lightning protection brand in China, Anhui Jinli has been committed to the electrical safety of electrical systems and focused on lightning protection technology for electrical systems. It has 18 years of research and development experience. The backup protectors and surge protectors produced are of various types, novel styles, and high quality, which can meet the needs of different customers. To better serve customers, it should be noted that backup protectors and surge protectors are not the same. They are different in function, installation location, and role. 1) Surge protector. Also known as overvoltage protectors, they are used to protect electronic equipment from overvoltage damage. When voltage surges or transients occur in the circuit, surge protectors can guide these overvoltages to the ground or normal power supply. To protect the protected equipment, it is usually installed in front of the terminal equipment. 2) Backup protector. It is a backup power device that is used to provide a short-term power guarantee when the main power supply fails or the power supply is interrupted. It can enable the power equipment to maintain normal operation under abnormal conditions such as power outage, unstable voltage, high or low frequency, etc. Electrical equipment operates normally and is usually installed in front of a surge protector. It should be noted that the back protector must be installed. It cooperates with the surge protector and is indispensable to protect the circuit from damage.
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  • About modeling of surge protectors
    January 15, 2024 About modeling of surge protectors
    According to the National Fire Protection Association, a study by Georges, Thomas, and others concluded that modern power grids are inherently susceptible to overvoltage because they employ equipment with low insulation levels, which is the root cause of more than 40% of unexpected electronic equipment failures. The cause was a lightning strike. Therefore, the field performance of surge protective devices (SPDs) has been extensively studied since the surge protection of low-voltage power supplies, where the power grid's reliability is crucial.  Accurate SPD modeling is necessary to assess overvoltage mitigation properly, assess stress on protected equipment, and conduct sound risk assessment studies for direct and indirect lightning-related surges. The experimental method for modeling they proposed is: a generalized equivalent lumped circuit model for surge protectors, which includes: 1) Integrating the inherent capacitance C S and switch S(V,t) of the voltage switching element (spark gap, gas tube, etc.), the switch is closed when overvoltage causes SPD to flash; if there is no voltage switching element (voltage limiting SPD), then the rectangular dashed box in Figure 4 can be replaced by an ideal short circuit. 2) Nonlinear current-dependent resistance R(i); the latter is mainly dominated by the field-dependent resistivity of voltage-limiting components (varistors, avalanche diodes, etc.), and is supplemented by the current-dependent arc resistance of voltage switching components; R(i) also Contains the inherent resistance of the SPD conductive path. 3) Inductance L, related to the inherent inductance of the SPD conductive path and the similar inductive behavior of the protection components, especially the hole effect when conducting surge current through the varistor. 4) Capacitance C R represents the inherent capacitance of the voltage limiting component; resistance R S determines the minimum resistive leakage current of the voltage switching component; if there is no voltage limiting component (voltage switch SPD), C R can be replaced by an ideal open circuit, and C S, R S should be connected in parallel to R(i) and S(V,t) in series, that is, between B and C'. Since its establishment in 2006, Jinli Electric has been deeply involved in surge protectors for nearly two decades, adhering to the corporate mission of "creating the world's No. 1 lightning protection brand to protect users from lightning intrusion". Self-developed and produced surge protectors for charging piles, such as JLSP-BC15, are deeply loved and trusted by the majority of users.
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