• Our Jinli power industry Surge protection device
    February 06, 2023 Our Jinli power industry Surge protection device
    Product overview: The surge protector adopts excellent non-linear overvoltage protection components. Under normal circumstances, the surge protector is in a high-impedance state and the leakage current is extremely low, thus ensuring that the power system will , The surge protector is immediately turned on in nanoseconds, limiting the overvoltage amplitude within the safe operating range of the equipment, and at the same time releasing the surge. Subsequently, the surge protector quickly changes to a high-impedance state, so as not to affect the normal power supply of the power system. Features: 1. Reliable thermal tripping protection device; 2. Unique short circuit and overcurrent tripping function; 3. Visual status indication window: green/transparent (normal), red (fault) working status at a glance; 4. Through current Large capacity, low residual voltage; 5. Fast response time, action within nanoseconds; 6. Remote signaling contacts are optional. For specific selection and parameters, please refer to the part of the electric power industry selection manual "Instructions for Surge Protector 2022 Second Edition"
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  • Why should we choose Jinli surge protective device FTU (Part III)
    February 03, 2023 Why should we choose Jinli surge protective device FTU (Part III)
    (7) Accident records. Record the maximum fault current at the time of the accident and the average load for a period of time before the accident (usually Imin), so as to analyze the accident, establish the fault section, and provide a basis for load restoration when the power supply of the healthy section is restored.   (8) fixed value remote modification and calling fixed value. In order to start the process of accident recording and other processes in time when a fault occurs, the FTU must be set, and the set value should be able to adapt to the change of the distribution network operation mode. Make FTU able to receive the specified modified setting value from DAS control center, and enable DAS control center to call the current setting value of FTU at any time.   (9) Self-test and self-recovery functions. FTU should have a self-detection function, and timely alarm when the equipment itself fails; FTU should have a reliable self-recovery function, once it is disturbed and causes a crash, the system will resume normal operation through the monitoring timer (W bit system.   (10) Remote control lockout And manual operation function. When repairing lines or switches, the corresponding FTU should have the function of remote control and locking to ensure the safety of operation and avoid vicious accidents caused by misoperation. It should also be able to provide manual closing/tripping buttons, In case of failure of the channel, manual operation can be performed to avoid directly operating the switch on the lever.   (11) Long-distance communication function. FTU has long-distance communication function, and can communicate with various communication transmission equipment ( DCE) is connected, the important issue is the communication protocol of FTU, which is faced with an urgent need
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  • Why should we choose Jinli surge protective device FTU (Part II)
    January 03, 2023 Why should we choose Jinli surge protective device FTU (Part II)
    Half-wave Fourier algorithm; measuring the current under normal operating conditions has high requirements for measurement accuracy, but the response can be slower, and the required current effective value is an average concept, and the root mean square algorithm is generally used. The protection data and measurement data generally cannot be shared, but must be collected independently, and should be taken from the protection TA and measurement TA windings respectively. Currently, only one set of protection TA can meet the requirements for domestic 10kV vacuum switches. FTU generally should also monitor the power supply voltage and the remaining capacity of the battery.   (3) Remote control function. FTU should be able to accept remote commands to control the switch on and off on the pole, and start the energy storage process, etc.   (4) Statistics function. The FTU should also be able to monitor the number of times and operation time of the switch and the level of the accumulated cut-off current.   (5) Time synchronization function. FTU should be able to accept the time synchronization command from the main system so as to keep consistent with the system clock.   (6) Sequence of Event Recording (SOE). Record the time and sequence of changes in state quantities.
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  • Introduction to Jinli surge protection FTU (Part I)
    February 01, 2023 Introduction to Jinli surge protection FTU (Part I)
    FTU is the abbreviation of "distribution automation terminal", also known as "feeder terminal equipment". Its main function in the power distribution system is to collect local AC measurement (such as voltage, current, power, etc.) (such as switch performance, etc.), and execute remote control commands (such as jumping and closing switches). The middle section of distribution automation is widely used in 10kV distribution lines, and can monitor load switches, sectionalizers, ring network contact switches, etc. The FTU can be installed on the outdoor wire pole, and can be used for single-wire control or double-wire control erected on the same pole.  (1) Remote signaling function. The FTU should be able to collect important state variables such as the current position of the switch on the pole, whether the communication is normal, and the completion of energy storage. If the FTU itself has a microcomputer relay protection function, it should also respond to the remote signaling of the protection action. (2) Telemetry function. The FTU should be able to collect analog quantities such as the voltage of the line, the load current experienced by the switch, active power, and reactive power. Generally, the fault current of the line is much larger than the normal load current, and the dynamic range of the input current must be relatively large to collect fault information. The purpose of measuring the fault current is to carry out relay protection and judge the fault section. Therefore, the measurement accuracy is not high, but the response speed is required to be fast, and the fundamental wave signal must be filtered out.
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  • Why Jinli surge protection in Energy Storage Industry is excellent
    January 12, 2023 Why Jinli surge protection in Energy Storage Industry is excellent
    Energy storage container string PCS makes up for the lack of centralized type and opens up large-scale applications. At present, battery energy storage systems in the industry mainly adopt centralized PCS. Parallel connection of multiple batteries will cause imbalance between battery clusters. The actual output is insufficient, and the other part exceeds the rate of use, resulting in the "barrel" effect; while the string PCS can achieve cluster-level management, improve system life, and increase the discharge capacity of the entire life cycle. The trend of large-scale application has taken shape.   Energy storage is also the focus industry of Anhui Jinli, and new energy storage is one of the breakthroughs for the birth of new formats in the energy industry and the creation of new economic engines. At present, my country is building a new power system with new energy as the main body, and the market for new energy storage is vast   Since the energy storage converter and the battery management unit are easily attacked by lightning during a lightning strike, the most economical and reasonable lightning protection solution is to install a suitable surge protector or an energy storage lightning protection box. When a fault occurs, it is easy to cause abnormal failure of the surge protector or even cause secondary safety accidents and incalculable economic losses. Therefore, it is very important to realize the safe and reasonable selection of surge protectors for energy storage systems. With the explosion of energy storage demand, Anhui Jinli energy storage intelligent lightning protection box and energy storage surge protector products continue to deepen the energy storage field, explore the difficulties and pain points of the user site, and escort the safe operation of the user's energy storage project, creating User electricity environment!
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  • Why HYL uses Jinli Photovoltaic Power Station
    December 02, 2022 Why HYL uses Jinli Photovoltaic Power Station
    At 10:40 am on November 3, 2022, there was a "click" sound in the 10kV switch station of Huaneng Yueyang Leigutai Photovoltaic Power Station. Questions about friends in the circle: 1. Why do photovoltaic power plants use power-saving products? First of all, we have to start with the loss at night. Once the photovoltaic power generation system is connected to the grid, the equipment in the station will always be connected to the grid. Power consumption. According to calculations, in the nighttime standby loss, the annual loss of each 20MW power station is 155,000 kWh, and the converted electricity price is about 82,000 yuan, and the cumulative cost in 25 years is about 2.05 million yuan. 2. Is the photovoltaic intelligent energy-saving system a newly developed product? No, Anhui Jinli Photovoltaic Intelligent Power Saving System was launched in the market in 2014, and in December 2014, it obtained the operation certificate from the user side. About the future: Anhui Jinli will continue to dig deep into the field of photovoltaic power generation, discover the difficulties and pain points of the user's site, and will continue to focus on the photovoltaic energy-saving management system under the strategic deployment of the group company, and contribute to the quality improvement of the user's photovoltaic power station!
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  • Definition of Smart Power Plant
    November 07, 2022 Definition of Smart Power Plant
    In the "China Electric Power Development Report 2018" released by the General Electric Power Planning and Design Institute in June 2019, "smart power plant" is defined as: facing the whole life cycle of the power plant, integrating the use of a new generation of information communication, artificial measurement , control, engineering, operation and maintenance, management and surge protective device other technologies, take the power generation system as the carrier, in its key links or processes, form a certain autonomous perception, learning, analysis, decision-making, communication and coordination control capabilities, which can adapt to the power generation environment. changes, and is highly coordinated with the smart grid, so as to achieve global (including power generation output, availability, efficiency, safety, reliability, maintainability, flexibility, equipment wear/loss, etc.) local optimization goals, to achieve safety, A power plant with a sustainable supply of reliable, green, economical and flexible electricity. All in all, a smart power plant is a new generation (AI), information and communication technology (ICT), power generation operation technology (OT), power generation engineering technology (ET), power generation management technology (MT) and other technology integration application system organisms.
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  • Jinli expands the injection molding workshop project
    October 12, 2022 Jinli expands the injection molding workshop project
    Anhui Jinli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. expands the injection molding workshop project Completion environmental protection acceptance announcement On September 29, 2022, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects, the Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects Completion, and other relevant laws and regulations, Anhui Jinli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. organized Jinli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. expands the injection molding workshop project "Completion Environmental Protection Acceptance Meeting, and established a completed environmental protection acceptance working group (hereinafter referred to as the "Acceptance Team"), and the acceptance team is composed of Anhui Jinli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. position), Anhui Environmental Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (compiling unit) and 3 experts. The acceptance team first went to the project site to check the construction of the environmental protection facilities of the project, and listened to the construction unit's implementation of the "three simultaneous" environmental protection projects, and the compilation unit's monitoring of environmental protection acceptance after the completion of the project. Preparation of reports. After on-site inspection, data verification and environmental management inspection, the acceptance team believes that the environmental protection facilities for waste gas, waste water, noise and solid waste in this project are complete, the measures are feasible, and the environmental protection files and data are complete. Risk is manageable. The acceptance team agreed that the project passed the environmental protection acceptance upon completion. The full text of the environmental protection acceptance report on the completion of the project (see attachment) is now publicized to the public in accordance with the law.
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