• Lightning protection transformation of traditional industries before the rainy season
    May 12, 2023 Lightning protection transformation of traditional industries before the rainy season
    Meiyu refers to the continuous cloudy and rainy weather phenomenon that occurs from early June to mid-July in the Gregorian calendar every year. At this time, due to the long-term rainy and sometimes sunny and high-humidity weather, the utensils in the home are prone to mold, which is also called mildew rain among the people. In GB/T 21431-2015 "Technical Specifications for Testing Lightning Protection Devices of Buildings", the requirements for regular testing are as follows: The inspection interval of lightning protection buildings with explosion and fire hazard environments is 6 months, and the inspection interval of other buildings is 12 months. Therefore, before the rainy season comes every year, the high and low voltage electrical equipment in the factory area must be inspected and transformed for lightning protection. From April 20th to 23rd, 2023, the Anhui Jinli lightning protection technical service team came to Yichang City, Hubei Province to inspect the components in the high and low voltage cabinets of Xingfa Group Hubei Xingrui Silicon Material Co., Ltd. and Huaxin Cement (Zigui) Co., Ltd. Use for understanding and exploration. After communication and investigation, it was found that during the construction of the high and low voltage power distribution room more than ten years ago, high and low voltage lightning protection products had been installed in accordance with the requirements of the then national standard GB50057-2000, and all of them were the ones in the product diagram of Anhui Jinli. Surge protector JLSP-100 and current transformer secondary side overvoltage protector JLC-6, some products are still working normally. Based on the reason of the product's service life, the original generation of current transformer secondary side overvoltage JLC-6 was replaced by the second generation product JLCII-6. The performance of the new product has been significantly improved, and it can effectively prevent the secondary open circuit of the current transformer or the primary winding. Accidents caused by abnormal current flow. In accordance with GB50057-2010 "Building Design Code", the T2 surge protector in the incoming cabinet is upgraded to a T1 surge protector. According to GB51348-2019 "Electrical Design Standards for Civil Buildings", the lightning protection combination of MCB+SPD is upgraded to SCB+S, which solves the problems of high current impact misoperation and small power frequency current refusal, making the lightning protection effect better and allowing Customers are protected from lightning. Finally, we communicated with customers about Anhui Jinli's intelligent lightning protection system: lightning early warning monitoring technology, SPD intelligent monitoring technology, and grounding resistance monitoring technology, transforming passive lightning protection to active defense, transforming decentralized lightning protection and full intelligent protection, and building a three- dimensional It is hoped that the...
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  • First-quarter staff meeting of  Jinli manufactory
    April 20, 2023 First-quarter staff meeting of Jinli manufactory
    Live up to the spring and grow upwards - the first quarter general meeting March is a beautiful month. In this sunny and warm spring day, we ushered in the company's first-quarter staff meeting at the end of March. The friends are looking forward to this conference very much. Everyone is seated in an orderly manner, waiting for the opening.  According to the process of the conference, the first thing is to welcome our new employees. The introduction of new employees is also a lot of fun, with friends from various departments. New employees are the source of the company's vitality, and it is believed that more and more outstanding talents will join the company and the company will surely prosper.  I hope that all the small partners who join the Jinli family can display their talents and realize their ambitions on the company's platform. The part that everyone is most looking forward to: the new changes of the company. The manager will show you some new changes inside and outside the company since the first quarter. The hall on the first floor of the company has been upgraded and transformed into an exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is full of sense of our surge protection device technology. Welcome new and old partners to visit the company!
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  • Jinli lightning protection solutions in weak current systems
    March 31, 2023 Jinli lightning protection solutions in weak current systems
    Jinli Electric and SINOMACH discussed lightning protection solutions in weak current systems Anhui Jinli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jinli Electric) Sales Manager Cao Yang and Technical Manager Jin Tailin came to SINOMACH China Automotive Industry Engineering Co. Leaders and design engineers of the Fourth Institute and other relevant departments conducted exchanges on overvoltage lightning protection technology for low-voltage systems spd (including weak currents). China Automotive Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and specialized engineering company with the largest scale, the most complete business chain and the highest degree of internationalization in China's machinery industry. It has a development history of more than 60 years. It is headquartered in Tianjin and now has 12 direct Its subsidiaries and 9 overseas wholly-owned subsidiaries and representative offices have business in more than 20 countries around the world. Adhering to the original intention of "better serving car makers", it serves more than 80% of the car enterprise customers in the industry, and has undertaken more than 30,000 projects. It takes engineering technical services, general contracting of projects, and equipment supply as its three core businesses. From consulting, survey, design, research and development, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, delivery, operation and maintenance of the project's full cycle, the entire industry chain engineering technology service capabilities. In addition to the automotive industry, the business covers agricultural machinery, construction machinery, light industry, household appliances, civil civil engineering and other fields, and has diversified expansion in rail transportation, environmental protection, logistics, and intelligent business. In this exchange meeting, the current international standards and national standards were firstly introduced, combined with the "Code for Lightning Protection Design of Buildings" and "Technical Specifications for Lightning Protection of Building Electronic Information Systems", introduced the system lightning protection, lightning protection Zoning, lightning protection classification, and product parameter selection principles, shared the application of backup integrated surge protectors in the industry, and introduced lightning protection product solutions and intelligent lightning protection systems based on actual cases. Based on a deep understanding of the industry's cutting-edge development trends, actively respond to the "Made in China 2025" and "carbon peak, carbon neutral" strategies, and promote digital, intelligent, industrialized manufacturing, green and low-carbon in the field of automobile manufacturing technology and factory construction And other new technologies and existing professional integration development, create system solutions with "efficient, intelligent, green, flexible" as the core, make a lot of intelligent ma...
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  • Where there is a need for lightning protection, there is Anhui Jinli
    March 10, 2023 Where there is a need for lightning protection, there is Anhui Jinli
    On February 20, 2023, Anhui Jinli technical service team walked into Shenyang and held a technical exchange meeting with the Electronic Control Department of Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design Institute on "Lightning Overvoltage Protection Technology for Low Voltage Electrical Systems". The two sides focused on lightning protection related standards, current In-depth exchanges were conducted on the problems of system lightning protection and surge protection and the cutting-edge technology of lightning protection. Founded in 1951, Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design and Research Institute is affiliated to China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd., a Fortune 500 company, and a member company of Chinalco International Engineering Co., Ltd. It is one of the top 100 units with comprehensive strength in survey and design, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of the aluminum industry in China and the world. Has completed more than 5,000 various engineering consulting and design projects, designed more than 500 aluminum, magnesium, and titanium plants, created a number of "China's first", designed China's first alumina plant, the first electrolytic aluminum plant, the first A carbon plant, the first light metal processing plant. As a well-known lightning protection brand in China, Anhui Jinli has been committed to the safety of electricity use in electrical systems, focusing on lightning protection technology for electrical systems. Lightning protection products are widely used in metallurgy and chemical industry, electric power, new energy, and iron fields. Sales and technical service network, constantly digging deep into customer needs, providing fast and high-quality product technical services for the majority of users, and creating a safe and worry-free electricity consumption environment!  
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  • Introducing our outstanding Panoramic Lightning Protection Solution
    March 05, 2023 Introducing our outstanding Panoramic Lightning Protection Solution
    Energy storage is widely used at the source, grid, and load ends of power systems, and is an important guarantee for wind and solar consumption. However, the volatility, intermittency, and randomness of photovoltaics pose challenges to the stability of the power system, and the urgency of energy storage construction has become increasingly prominent. The Ulan Buhe Desert in Dengkou County, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is one of the eight major deserts in China. The kilowatt photovoltaic sand control project is simultaneously equipped with 45,000 kilowatts of energy storage. The 45,000-kilowatt energy storage projects of SPIC Golden Sunshine Storage Power Station and Xuheng Photovoltaic Storage Power Station are divided into 12 sub-units. The energy storage system is divided into water-cooled energy storage and air-cooled energy storage according to different cooling methods. Water-cooled energy storage is designed with a higher IP level for water cooling, and the outdoor energy storage system is formed in the form of an outdoor cabinet; due to the air-cooled cooling method and lower IP level design, the outdoor energy storage system is formed in the form of a container for air-cooled energy storage. This project adopts The ones are water-cooled. Whether it is an outdoor cabinet outdoor energy storage system or a container outdoor energy storage system, it will be affected by lightning weather outdoors, which will cause damage or malfunction of electrical and electronic systems. Therefore, it is necessary to design a suitable lightning protection spd scheme for outdoors to protect the safety of electrical and electronic systems, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system in the lightning strike environment. In order to ensure its safe and reliable operation, lightning arresters or surge protectors are installed on the high-voltage side of the box-type transformer, the low-voltage side of the box-type transformer, the measurement and control of the box-type transformer, and the energy storage battery compartment for lightning protection. Anhui Jinli is based on the enterprise development concept of "adhering to originality", is committed to the safety of electricity use in electrical systems, focuses on lightning protection technology in electrical systems, and develops special surge protector series in the fields of wind, wind, storage and charging, etc., for new energy and The lightning protection of the energy storage system provides professional solutions to ensure its safe and stable operation.
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  • One of our best selling spd product lightning protection box
    February 20, 2023 One of our best selling spd product lightning protection box
    The lightning protection box product is mainly to solve the problem of insufficient installation space inside the field equipment, and it is determined to integrate our Jinli leading surge protector and supporting components into a box, so as to meet the external or even outdoor installation conditions. At the same time, the intelligent lightning protection box can monitor the status information and lightning information of the lightning protection device, add an intelligent collection terminal inside the box, and display a touch screen on the box surface to realize on-site monitoring of the surge protector and backup protection switch. In order to realize remote monitoring, RS485 communication function is added, and the monitoring information is sent to the background through the existing communication line of 485. Product features: 1. Meet the first, second and third level lightning protection requirements; 2. Optional SPD special backup protection function; 3. Optional lightning parameter intelligent collection terminal; 4. Intelligent lightning protection box with local color Display interface; 5. The intelligent lightning protection box has 485 communication, which is convenient to connect to the background; 6. The box body reaches the IP54 shell protection level; 7. It also meets various installation methods such as wall installation, column installation, and cabinet installation.
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  • What is Jinli Railway channel signal SPD
    February 13, 2023 What is Jinli Railway channel signal SPD
    The railway channel signal surge protector is mainly suitable for the surge protection of the railway low-voltage AC circuit, which is a composite SPD. The SPD module is equipped with a safety disengagement device and a failure indication window. When the internal protection element deteriorates, the tripping device operates to safely disengage the failure device from the system, and the corresponding module indication window displays red (fault). Damage caused by electrical overvoltage, induced overvoltage, etc. The product is suitable for the signal line protection of railway signal machines, track circuits and other system equipment. It is plugged into the WAGO terminal block. It is equipped with a status display window and an identification pin for preventing wrong insertion. The pin can realize the separate test of lightning protection components. The parallel type is equipped with over-current and thermal tripping devices, which can realize hot swapping. A remote signaling contact for deterioration alarm can be added upon request from the customer. The surge protection is set independently, and it can also be used as a lightning protection distribution cabinet. Each surge protector can protect a pair of signal transmission lines. Product features: 1. Large flow capacity; 2. Status display window, identification pin for preventing wrong insertion; 3. Various rated voltage options; 4. Stable performance, safe and reliable.
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  • Our Jinli power industry Surge protection device
    February 06, 2023 Our Jinli power industry Surge protection device
    Product overview: Jinli surge protector in dc adopts excellent non-linear overvoltage protection components. Under normal circumstances, the surge protector is in a high-impedance state and the leakage current is extremely low。 The surge protector is immediately turned on in nanoseconds, limiting the overvoltage amplitude within the safe operating range of the equipment, and at the same time releasing the surge. Subsequently, the factory direct selling surge protector quickly changes to a high-impedance state, so as not to affect the normal power supply of the power system. Features: 1. Reliable thermal tripping protection device; 2. Unique short circuit and overcurrent tripping function; 3. Visual status indication window: green/transparent (normal), red (fault) working status at a glance; 4. Through current Large capacity, low residual voltage; 5. Fast response time, action within nanoseconds; 6. Remote signaling contacts are optional. For specific selection and parameters, please refer to the part of the electric power industry selection manual "Instructions for Surge Protector 2022 Second Edition"
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