Lightning protection transformation of traditional industries before the rainy season

May 12, 2023

Meiyu refers to the continuous cloudy and rainy weather phenomenon that occurs from early June to mid-July in the Gregorian calendar every year. At this time, due to the long-term rainy and sometimes sunny and high-humidity weather, the utensils in the home are prone to mold, which is also called mildew rain among the people. In GB/T 21431-2015 "Technical Specifications for Testing Lightning Protection Devices of Buildings", the requirements for regular testing are as follows: The inspection interval of lightning protection buildings with explosion and fire hazard environments is 6 months, and the inspection interval of other buildings is 12 months. Therefore, before the rainy season comes every year, the high and low voltage electrical equipment in the factory area must be inspected and transformed for lightning protection. From April 20th to 23rd, 2023, the Anhui Jinli lightning protection technical service team came to Yichang City, Hubei Province to inspect the components in the high and low voltage cabinets of Xingfa Group Hubei Xingrui Silicon Material Co., Ltd. and Huaxin Cement (Zigui) Co., Ltd. Use for understanding and exploration.

After communication and investigation, it was found that during the construction of the high and low voltage power distribution room more than ten years ago, high and low voltage lightning protection products had been installed in accordance with the requirements of the then national standard GB50057-2000, and all of them were the ones in the product diagram of Anhui Jinli. Surge protector JLSP-100 and current transformer secondary side overvoltage protector JLC-6, some products are still working normally. Based on the reason of the product's service life, the original generation of current transformer secondary side overvoltage JLC-6 was replaced by the second generation product JLCII-6. The performance of the new product has been significantly improved, and it can effectively prevent the secondary open circuit of the current transformer or the primary winding. Accidents caused by abnormal current flow.

In accordance with GB50057-2010 "Building Design Code", the T2 surge protector in the incoming cabinet is upgraded to a T1 surge protector. According to GB51348-2019 "Electrical Design Standards for Civil Buildings", the lightning protection combination of MCB+SPD is upgraded to SCB+S, which solves the problems of high current impact misoperation and small power frequency current refusal, making the lightning protection effect better and allowing Customers are protected from lightning. Finally, we communicated with customers about Anhui Jinli's intelligent lightning protection system: lightning early warning monitoring technology, SPD intelligent monitoring technology, and grounding resistance monitoring technology, transforming passive lightning protection to active defense, transforming decentralized lightning protection and full intelligent protection, and building a three- dimensional It is hoped that the most cutting-edge lightning protection technology can be applied in traditional industries as soon as possible.

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